The Best Cheap Wordpress Hosting

TMD Hosting Review

The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

Check out my TMD Hosting review (cool tricks inside)

This is Luke Kubow from Profit Boosterz and in this short TMD Hosting review I will show what types of websites you should use it for and when you should not.
You might need a hosting for different types of websites, like for example for your e-commerce store, for your company website, for blog etc., so make sure you watch this video to the end because depending on what you need a hosting for, you might choose a different option.
As a bonus, I will give you a cool little trick that nobody’s talking about and that will save you a lot of time, money and efforts. And you will have your website up and running in the best possible way instead of worrying about some basic things.
Let’s check it out.

I’ve been building websites for myself and for many different companies for over 7 years now, & I’ve tested many hosting companies as well as many domain registrars.
As I don’t like to overpay I always compare the price to the quality, and you will get everything on a golden plate now for free.

The TMD is the best cheap WordPress hosting company. It’s the most reliable amongst the cheapest ones. Going with anything cheaper than TMD is just a waste of time and you will only get pissed, because your website will be slow or it will be down and the support will not be answering.
The TMD is also the fastest cheap hosting.
It has 24/7 support, which will answer your questions, help you with your website installation etc., especially if you’re just starting out.

The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

They give you a free domain,
and another advantage is that you can access everything, including the cPanel, from one dashboard, which is very handy.
Let me show you how it looks like:
OK, we’re in the dashboard…


I recommend the TMD hosting if you’re starting out or you need just a cheap hosting to run a blog or a simple company website. Choose at least the Business plan to make sure your website runs correctly as it should.
Of course, you may want to save a few bucks and get something free or cheaper but then the support will not be responding, your website will be constantly down, you will be just angry and you will waste your time and money.
So for the simple websites just get the Business plan of the TMDHosting by clicking this link.

If you need a shared hosting for more complex websites or for an e-commerce store, then I suggest you get the GrowBig plan of the SiteGround (the link is in the description).
The support is just awesome and your website will be a lot faster. It’s a bit more expensive, but 100% worth the money.

And here’s a little trick for you:
If you’re new to this you can go with the TMD for now. Using the link from the description you will get a discount for your first year. Before the year ends you just go to the SiteGround, open a chat with their sales representative and ask if they can transfer your whole cPanel. Of course, they say YES and this way you will transfer all of your websites for free, while normally they charge money if you have more than one website. And using the link from the description you will get a discount for the first year as well.

So bookmark this video for later and get the hosting plan that suits your needs now by clicking the link below this video in the description.
This has been Luke Kubow,
Take care.

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