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The Answer is Simple… It’s Accurate Amount Of Safely Interconnected Web 2.0 Blogs And Social Profiles That Enable To Rank On The 1st Page Of Google With 30 Seconds Of Work, It’s the #1 Choice for Smart SEOs

FACTS:u00a0 The More Backlinks, Embeds & Social Signals The Video Gets In The First 24 Hours After The Upload – The Better.

Buying backlinks on SEO markets usually cause unwanted delays, while the Syndicator is available to you anytime you want, giving your videos The INSTANT KICKSTART They NEED.


We built this so you can hit the ground running FAST and focus on your business and stop struggling to create high-quality video embeds, backlinks and social signals…


If you want to rank a video you simply need embeds – it’s a MUST-DO in the video marketing World. Even if you rank just websites, relevant video embedded along with your link has a HUGE value in Google’s eyes…


Countless case studies show that social signals have a GREAT impact on Google rankings. It’s NATURAL that people share and bookmark things they like and now you get this natural look with a click of a button…


My IM Place Syndicator is a Cloud-Based tool, so you don’t need to install anything and it works on any device: Mac, PC, phone, tablet – you name it.


There are SEO tools on the market that besides the basic fees, require you to buy credits for every video you submit. We want you to feel FREE & comfortable., including credits-free. Simply enjoy our friendly and easy to use the system.


Recently we updated the Syndicator environment and you’ll get the direct backlinks reports with a couple of clicks.


As mentioned above, the more you give your video in the first 24-48 hours – the better. Personally, I submit my videos to the Syndicator right after I upload them to YouTube. And it works.


Not only will My IM Place Syndicator help you explode your profits, it will help you save a fortune in extortionate 3rd party SEOs fees… Best of both worlds!
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With My IM Place Syndicator You Can Create Backlinks To Anything You Want…
You can use it for:
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Local Business Videos
  • Affiliate Offers
  • Your Own Products
  • Reputation Management
  • Launch Jacking
  • Client Acquisition
  • Playlists
  • YouTube Channels
  • PBNs
  • Your SEO Tiers
  • Facebook Pages
  • Anything You Like
The System Architecture:

The several properties connect to each other, creating a safe buffer/shield for the mass backlinking, and domain authority stacking for higher rankings. There’s no specific pattern, what boosts the natural look = Rankings.

For low competition keywords the Syndicator may be the push SEO button, and for keywords with higher competion this tool should be a MUST-DO part of your SEO strategy. You need “url – anchor text links” and this is a great way to get them.

This is anything like you’ve ever seen before. And it’s tested hundreds of times on real videos for real clients and it works like crazy.
As a proof we pasted here reviews of SEOs who actually used it for their own and their clients videos and you can check them anytime and see it yourself how great things people write about the My IM Place Syndicator. (Btw the SEO I just mentioned paid over 5 times more than you if you sign up now… and they came back for more.)

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No More Creating Accounts & Blogs

Now you don’t need to waste your time on creating blogs manually, which we all know it takes a lot of time and is boring.

No More Posting Manually

Now you don’t need to waste your time on posting your video all over the blogs. It takes a lot of time and is boring.

No Proxies Nor Installation

Our tool is an online based app so you don’t need to install anything nor paying for proxies.

No More Paying On Markets

We all paying for some servies on SEO markets. But if you could save over 80% on video embeds (I’m not even counting here the extra features), then why not? It gives you more freedom in ranking.

All Done For You…
…In Just 30 Seconds Of Your Time
Take a look and see how Easy and Fast it is!
(OK, here it took me 47 seconds, but I had to add the explaination etc.; I think even 5 minutes is an awesome score and I just did it over 5 times faster right in the front of you. That’s great, right?)
Save Time

My IM Place Syndicator is the easiest and the fastest tool has ever seen. Now you will have more time for running your business or just for spending it the way you love the most.

Save Bugdet

This tool is going to save you a lot of budget which you would normally spend on embeds and links on SEO markets.
Now you can rank more for less.

Rank Videos

With our software you’ll be able boost your rankings, so you could get on the 1st page of Google and YouTube fast.

Grow Business

If you’re able to automate some of your tasks you can spend more time on developing and growing your business.

You’ll able to submit one post per day, which gives 30 submissions per month, which gives $1.57 – $0.84 per video – it’s close to free!
Enjoy The Freedom
Saving time and resources along with having a powerful tool like this for daily use gives you more freedom in your ranking process as well as in life in general… because having more time means more freedom and time for the things you love the most.
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Even though this is already great offer, I want to make it Even Better and do something I’ve never done before. Which is why I’ve decided to add 5 Bonuses that I know You’ll Absolutely Love.
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“On-Page Video SEO Secrets”
The Ultimate Guide To YouTube Video Optimization.
Without it you can quit ranking videos. 100% MUST HAVE for every SEO expert that want to rank videos to the top of the 1st page of Google.

My IM Place Syndicator Exclusive TRAINING
The Best Practices Of Using The Syndicator To Ensure Your Higher Rankings
You will also get less-known ranking strategies to use our tool with, to give more power to your YouTube channel and other properties as well.

Video Marketing Blueprint
How To Use Videos To Build Your Targeted Opt-in List On Steroids!
You get the full course with video and audio upgrades.

Crush It With YouTube
The YouTube Masters Guide To Crushing Online Video Marketing
Learn video marketing aspects to boost your YouTube profits.

Private Facebook Group Membership
Ask Me And Other SEOs Anything You Want
In our private group we discuss SEO and online marketing matters. It’s a huge value to have an ability to ask experienced marketers about things you may have troubles with. We also share FREE tools – hidden gems that often are better than their paid alternatives.
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So just to recap with you, here’s exactly what you’ll be getting when you get My IM Place Syndicator.
  • “On-Page Video SEO Secrets” (!!!)
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  • “Video Marketing Blueprint” Course
  • “Crush It With YouTube” Guide
  • Private FB Group Membership Access
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